In Manufacturing and Product Inspections; It is determined whether the measurement quality or performance of a product, semi-finished product, part or raw material complies with predetermined specifications.

Within the scope of our TURKAK TS EN ISO 17020 Accreditation, for projects to be manufactured according to TS EN ISO 1090-2 standard;

  • Contract Control,
  • Checking the Compliance of Welding Method Specifications (WPS),
  • Planning and Follow-up of Welding Procedure Approvals (WPQR),
  • Follow-up of Welders Certification According to the Project,
  • Construction Control, Planning and Follow-up of Inspections,
  • Inspection and Inspection of Welded Manufacturing,
  • Manufacturing Planning (Work Orders, Clamping and Welding Devices, Welding Sequence Plans, Inspection Conditions),
  • Subcontractor Compliance Checks,
  • We provide services such as Control and Tracking of Materials (Main Materials, Consumables).