According to the standards, there should be a report stating that the welding method, material group and welding material are compatible for each welding to be made, and that the welds are made in accordance with ASME or EN Codes in accordance with the project standard, mechanical tests are carried out and the results are appropriate. Therefore, each “Welding Instruction” (WPS) must have a “Welding Method Test Approval Report” (WPQR) supporting it.

A WPQR can support more than one WPS within its validity areas. WPQR preparation and testing must be done and approved under the supervision of Independent Control Bodies (Third Party Inspection Firms). WPQR must comply with the standard of the work done. For jobs other than the ASME Code, the relevant standard should be taken as basis. For example, for jobs in EN norm, WPQR in accordance with EN standard will be prepared. The welding terminology to be used will also comply with the manufacturing standard.

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