What is a Vacuum Test

In the vacuum test, butt, lap and corner welding joints are controlled by using the artificial pressure difference to be created in the tank or similar parts that require impermeability. With the help of the foaming liquid, the pressure difference to be created by the vacuum device in the welded area, and the formation of […]

What is Non-Destructive Testing ?

Non Destructive Testing is a method used to detect discontinuities that cannot be detected on the surface or internal structure of the material without damaging the material. The most widely used non-destructive testing methods in the industry are visual test, magnetic particle test, penetrant test, ultrasonic test, radiographic test, acoustic emulsion test and eddy current […]

Welding Method Approval

According to the standards, there should be a report stating that the welding method, material group and welding material are compatible for each welding to be made, and that the welds are made in accordance with ASME or EN Codes in accordance with the project standard, mechanical tests are carried out and the results are […]