Digital Radiography is one of the newest forms of radiographic imaging. As no film is required, digital radiographic images are obtained using special phosphor screens or a flat panel containing micro-electronic sensors. The resulting images are digitally detailed and easily archived.
ASME Standards allow DR because of weld quality.
DR achieves ASME weld quality precision with significant reductions in exposure times, typically providing higher throughput rates than conventional film radiography. It is especially important to reduce exposure on thick welds.
Once exposure is complete, radiographs are immediately transferred to the analysis computer for rapid radiograph interpretation.
The entire DR process is paperless, filmless and does not require any chemicals. No waste is generated with DR.
All radiograph analysis and archiving is done electronically. Clients can be provided with radiography results in different formats depending on their needs and it is easy to transfer the results to multiple people.
Radiographs are digitally archived for easy and quick inspection.
Standard radiographic limitations.
DR is rigid so it cannot bend around the weld like film and CR plates.