Basically, the Phased Array technique works with ultrasonic principles. However, unlike the classical Ultrasonic Inspection technique, we can provide more effective, fast and detailed error detection by using multiple angles and sound beams, instead of single / double crystals, in accordance with user needs and inspection requirements.
With the PAUT inspection technique, 3-dimensional inspection is made for the detection of irregularities inside the material, and information can be obtained about the orientation of the errors and their location in the material at once.

In the probe used in this method, 8-16-32-64-128…. element is found. The firing order of the elements can be adjusted as desired to focus on a specific area. This method has many advantages over the traditional pulse-echo method.

Advantages of Phased Array Technique:

-High speed inspection and imaging capability
-Ability to perform ultrasonic scanning at different angles
-Ability to inspect complex geometries and thick materials
-Precise inspection capability in austenitic materials and two different material welds

The TOFD method (Time of Flight Diffraction) is an ultrasonic test technique used for flaw detection and defect sizing.

This method is a very sensitive and fast method used to detect discontinuities in welded fabrications. TOFD provides mapping of the position of the fault cross-section. The working principle of the system is based on the detection of the tinnitus that occurs at the corners and ends of the errors by the probes. Therefore, unlike other ultrasonic techniques, the system does not carry the risk of the sound beam reflecting or not coming back.

Unlike standard ultrasonic examination, this method is not dependent on amplitude, so it is not affected by restrictions such as probe position, orientation of discontinuities, irregular or changing material surfaces or poor grip. In addition, this technique is used today for collecting information about the material structure, and thanks to the results obtained, it provides manufacturers and producers with many advantages in terms of cost.